About Us 

The Estate Planning Council of Bakersfield (EPCB), incorporated December 29, 1958, is a local, interdisciplinary organization that provides educational programs and networking opportunities to professionals in order to enhance their skills and expand their estate planning network in the community.

The Council’s members, representing a broad range of disciplines, benefit from getting to know and respect each other through an increased awareness and understanding of the views, concerns and valuable interactions of their overlapping specialties.

The Council has five meetings each year with the final being a Christmas dinner event including each member and his/her guest.


1959 Louis R. Deadrich
1960 William T. Baldwin
1961 Joe McCown
1962 Lafayette Banes
1963 Carl D. Bryan
1964 Francis H. McGee
1965 Ralph J. Prejean
1966 John B. Young
1967 Emil Hein
1968 Oscar Chavez
1969 Bennett Siemon
1970 Stanley E. Jones
1971 William R. Hulsy
1972 Noel E. Daniels
1973 Jeff Waldon
1974 M. Glenn Bultman
1975 William E. Mickey
1976 Alfred D. Laurice
1977 John R. Seidell
1978 Claude Kimball
1979 Eugene Cassady
1980 Tim Heard
1981 Ron Davis
1982 Roger Randall
1983 Angelo A. Haddad
1984 Kenneth N. Vaughan
1985 Hal M. KoontZ
1986 Harvey J. McCown
1987 George D. Watkins
1988 F. Joseph Ziemann
1989 Donna L. Kisela
1990 Barry L. McCown
1991 Patrick F. Schoen
1992 Carol Watts
1993 David K. Bedke
1994 William Georgenton
1995 James Hulsy
1996 James B. Wiens
1997 Ronald J. Church
1998 Novena Bonham
1999 Ben Rutherford
2000 Larry L. Wright
2001 Nancy L. Oehler
2002 Steven A. Barnes
2003 Sharon Jones
2004 Joseph E. Etienne
2005 John A. Rodgers
2006 Michael P. Mears
2007 James H. Cordle
2008 Leo M. Hinds
2009 Bradley C. Barnes
2010 Bradley C. Barnes
2011 Frank J. Colatruglio
2012 Frank J. Colatruglio
2013 Kevin C. Findley
2014 Kevin C. Findley
2015 Kevin C. Findley
2016 Kevin C. Findley